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Serving the Monterey Bay Area from Aptos to Carmel Valley and Our Surrounding Communities
License No. 651465
Serving the Monterey Bay Area from Aptos to Carmel Valley and Our Surrounding Communities
License No. 651465

4 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Plumbing

Water pressure gauge
Depending on the age of your home, there's a good chance your plumbing is outdated. Except for recently built homes, many homes in America could use updated plumbing. Pipes are tough and last a long time. However, they're vulnerable to rust and corrosion over time. Here's what to look out for if you're wondering whether it's time to upgrade your plumbing. 
1. Reduced Water Pressure
As pipes age and corrode, they become less efficient at transporting water through your plumbing system. You may not need to replace all of your pipes. However, it's a good idea to replace the pipes that are in the worst shape. 
Check the water pressure throughout your home, including all sinks, showers, and toilets. It's a sign of trouble if you notice that the water pressure is lower than normal. You may notice that only certain areas of the home are affected. Make note of which areas are stricken with low water pressure.
Providing this information to an experienced plumber will prove valuable in locating the source of the problem. Of course, other issues may cause low water pressure, such as clogs. Schedule for a plumber to come and check out your pipes to determine whether you need an upgrade or have a clog that needs fixing. 
2. Murky Water                       
Discolored or rusty-looking water is a major sign of aging pipes. You may notice that when you turn on the faucets in your home, the water comes out brown, orange, cloudy, or otherwise murky. This may only occur for a few seconds before the water begins to turn clear. 
The discoloration is typically due to a buildup of rust and corrosion inside the pipes. As the water runs through the pipes it carries some of the rust with it. Even though the water may run clear after a few seconds, it's best that you avoid ignoring problems like this. If left without any treatment, mineral deposits often form and go on to clog pipes - causing even more issues.
If you notice rusty water, then chances are that your pipes have reached the end of their life span. Your best bet is to contact a plumber to check out your pipes and recommend the best course of action. 
3. Poor Pipe Condition
Sometimes it's as easy as checking around your home for some exposed pipe to find out the condition of your plumbing. Good places to check include basements and under sinks. You can usually find some exposed pipe running in those areas.
Pipes that are in good condition have little to no rust and appear healthy. As age sets in, you'll notice that your pipes look old and out of shape. You may notice lots of flaking and peeling, severe rust, corrosion, bumps, and dimples. 
Check out new pipes at your local home improvement store if you need a reference. Compare the way healthy pipes look to the condition of your pipes. If your pipes are in poor condition, then it's highly likely that you're due for an upgrade. The best way to know for sure, however, is to schedule an appointment with a plumbing specialist. 
4. Frequent Leaks
You can bet it is likely time to have your pipes replaced when you experience frequent leaks. Corrosion damages pipes over time, which can cause your pipes to leak. Depending on what your pipes are made of, these leaks may be small and easy to ignore. You may notice dripping from a pipe in your basement and think nothing of it. However, frequent leaks are often a sign that you need to re-pipe your home. 
Whether you need repair or a complete upgrade, the specialists at Brad's Plumbing are standing by to assist with your plumbing needs. Contact us today for more information.